Asset Management

Finally an asset managment system where the data is entered for you!

About Asset Management

Asset management is a highly critical, complex and time consuming initiative in the overall management of your plant and maintenance. We recognize the struggle in efficiently and effectively pulling together all of your assets. This is why we created AssetMatrix™.

AssetMatrix™ will allow you to completely transform your asset insights and knowledge into a centralized system where you can see all of your assets, locations and functions as well as view crossovers and spares.

Our crossover algorithms can show you where you could use an item from the storeroom and possibly borrow from an item on the production floor as a compatible replacement so you can ensure you’re getting the full asset utilization across the plant and throughout a network of multiple facilities.


  • Full specs of your assets.
  • Ability to easily search all of your assets by brand, part number, machine name and location in order to identify where your assets are at all times.
  • See the relationship of all items in the plant to each other via our crossover algorithm. In addition to being able to see what spares you have, you will also know what items can be used as compatible replacements for items in the store room or items in use on another machine.
  • Have access to asset reports as follows:
Production Line
Machine Name
Part Number
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  • See efficiency reports on your assets.
  • We will help you consolidate excess or redundant items across the plant and storeroom. We also show you which items in the storeroom do not connect to any items in the plant, allowing you to off load excess items that are not used anywhere in your facility.
  • Track replacement historical data and get notified when a machine is due for replacement based on average historical insights.
  • Track assets by a visual schematic of your plant with asset locations. (Add On)

Plant Schematic

View a schematic of your plant color coded to the warning level coming from the sensors

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